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You have a choice here at the time of posting your property Rental Ad listing, whether to give your profile/contact information or alternate landline number/mail id. You can try to edit your Ad under contact section to make appropriate changes.

Yes you can edit your category and wait for approval. Changing category is allowed but the option to switching between Ad packages is not allowed. Kindly check your Ad Category/Ad Package/Payment selection method before actually posting an Ad.

Payment refund claims will be entertained only in the following situations:
1) in an online payment mode, where you make a duplicate payment.
2) Also if you’re not satisfied with our services, you can ask for a 50% refund minus payment gateway charges and other used Ad expenses. The total advertising fees cannot be refunded as 50% of the total payment will be for administrative expenses. Out of the remaining, The rest 50% amount of the advertising fees you paid for unused period will be refundable, after deduction of both payment gateway expenses and any used period ad expenses for the active period. Please note that any refund claims, if not satisfied with our services should be communicated through ‘Contact us’ form link available on the site within the first 30 days of your payment date on our site.
3) PLEASE NOTE: The above Money back policy is NOT applicable for claims beyond first 30 days after your rental Ad payment.

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Important: One single Image size upto Maximum 20KB only is allowed per rental Ad listing. Ads will be published upon receipt of payment and approval.

Quick Tip: You can make use of several Image Resize tools available to see that your image has a max 20KB size. Just click google