Rental Lease Agreement

The following documents required for rental lease agreement

For prospective Owner:

Leased Building Address
Present Contact Address
Original Aadhar card, PAN card
Age/DOB details
Security Deposit/Rental Advance Amount details
Floor# for lease
Passport size Photos – 3
Bond Paper-Owner Thumb print/Photo attached
Passport / Optional Verification
Stamp Registration Fees: Payment varies from state to state/depends/Online Card Payment/Cash etc,
Building Ownership proof or GPA whichever applicable.

For prospective Tenant:

Company/Office Name, Position
Office Address / Address Proof
Present contact Address
Age / DOB  details
Aadhar Card
Passport size Photos-3

Please note that this is a  brief on the documents required for rental lease agreement for a rough idea. For full details please contact your local lawyer.

Residential Property Rental Listings

Hello Greetings.  We have now included Residential Property Rental Listings on our site. We now cover both Residential & Commercial property rentals.

Rental spaces include commercial rental properties, office rental space, shop space for lease, co working space, godown space, warehouse space and residential property rentals.

As we focus only rental properties in Indian market, this should be a great platform for all rental property owners and prospective tenants.

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Commercial Space Lease

Commercial space lease has to be done in a planned way. First thing is to be decide what, where and which part or full of the building you want to rent out. Second thing is to find a suitable tenant. Third, getting your registered commercial lease agreement with the prospective tenant.

Within each phase you will have different tasks subject to your requirements. But once you decide which commercial property you want to rent it out, you can start searching for a suitable tenant, which is a big task. Getting a suitable and decent tenant depends upon how well you scrutinize and short list your tenants checking their background profile.

Once you select a suitable tenant, go for a registered commercial lease agreement as per mutually acceptable terms so that your property is safe and in your control. This if you’re the landlord. If you’re a tenant then you should fully understand the terms and conditions set by the landlord so that you know the rental hike and other terms well in advance.

Wish you success in your endeavors